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Melissa Kuo

Fifth year medical student Melissa Kuo and Professor Coroneo win a research grant from The Rebecca L. Cooper Medical Research Foundation for a project, "Novel techniques for the creation of
conjunctival grafts


An Introduction to the GEF

The formation of The Genetic Eye Foundation, a non-profit organisation dedicated to research and support of people with sight problems dates back to 1963. At that time in the course of routine ophthalmic practice, Dr. Frank Halliday became interested in treating retinitis pigmentosa.

He commenced patient care and research at the Outpatient Department of Royal North Shore Hospital in 1975, when it was recognised that a need existed for a national organisation to promote awareness, diagnosis and support for patients with hereditary eye disease.
The Retinal Dystrophy Service, as it was then called, came into being in 1979 when the clinic was transferred to Sydney Eye Hospital, later to be moved to the Prince of Wales Hospital, Randwick. The chief source of funding after 1981 was by voluntary donation and only the grass roots support of patients and eye specialists kept it going.
On the 4th July 1989, twenty six years after commencing his research, the Genetic Eye Foundation was incorporated with Dr. Frank Halliday as founding President.

The Genetic Eye Foundation has in its keeping the largest data base of retinal dystrophy family trees in Australia; a collection that has made research into genetic material (DNA) and family counselling possible.

Our activities in respect of hereditary eye conditions include recovery of medical information of patients with hereditary eye conditions; support for existing services and provisions of new ones, patient care and education. By means of DNA testing we hope to determine who is and who is not at risk of inherited eye disease. 

The Genetic Eye Foundation has a proud and commendable history, with a dedicated list of donors and a membership comprising those affected, their families, researchers and health professionals. Funds are limited.

Over the years the Genetic Eye Foundation has provided funds for genetic research at the Prince of Wales Hospital and also for Bionic Eye research.

Professor Minas Coroneo, Chairman of The Genetic Eye Foundation aims to carry on this vital work

Ways To Donate

Please use the membership or donation application form to apply. Donations of over $2.00 or more are fully tax deductible.

Annual Membership

Individual $25.00
Family $55.00
Professional $110.00
Corporate $220.00
Donation $ _____